The camera is dead. Again.

When my husband and I got married in 2000, we bought a cheap film camera for about $100. See, we were broke like most all newlywed couples are, and since we were both moving from our parents house to an apartment, we figured we should spend all our money on furniture. Digital cameras were pretty darn expensive back then, and we didn’t actually purchase a digital until sometime in 2006 before our first child was born.
This is the camera we bought for $300, which can actually be bought for $150 at Amazon now. But I don’t recommend it.

While this camera was great for taking pictures of our kids, it’s very very small. About the size of my hand. And one day it was sitting on our table (which is bar height) and somehow or another it slipped off the table and made a pretty hard landing on our tile floor. Can you believe that it would work quite right after that? Something was off with the focus.

My husband, being the fix-it-all person that he is, took the camera apart. Now he’s never attempted to fix a camera for us or anyone before, so after the took the cover off he pretty much just blew on it, tapped on it a few times, looked at it real closely, and (from my viewpoint) just pretended like he knew what he was doing. When he starts putting it back together and I asked him if he fixed it, he just shrugged his shoulders (which is his usual response to things). Hmm.
But believe it or not though, it really was fixed. For a couple months.
A couple weeks ago it was sitting underneath something on our counter and when I was wiping down the counter, I couldn’t see it and it fell. Again. On our tile floor.
You might think I’m pretty irresponsible at this point, but I should make a point here to say that I do own a SLR (film) camera that I’ve never ever dropped in the entire time I’ve owned it. The problem with the digital camera is it’s way too tiny for it’s own good. Or that’s how I like to justify my irresponsibility anyway.
So that story is to just say that we’re looking at cameras now. If you’ve read my first and only cooking blog and seen the photos with our crazy broken camera, you can probably understand why.

Here’s the camera that I want. Isn’t it a beauty? It’s a Digital SLR camera, the Nikon D5000 to be precise. I’m so in love with this camera already and I don’t even own it yet. But that’s because My husband wants a different one. He’d prefer this bad boy here.

The Nikon D90. Be still my heart.
This puppy is actually better than the D5000 (and more expensive) because it has video. And the auto focus is in the camera body and not the lens. Not that I really know WHY it matters where the auto focus is. Heck, I really don’t know much about these cameras other than they have great reviews and take really really good pictures. I also see a photography class in my near future. But regardless, they both got a two thumbs up from my media savvy husband, so I’ll be happy with either of them.

So EVENTUALLY I’ll be cooking and baking more. Here’s some stuff I’ve done before, and I don’t just mean taking the picture. I baked and slaved over the decorations on these things. Did I mention I’m deaf? That translates to mean that I’m an incredibly visual person. And somehow perfectionism got thrown in there too. I really have so many recipes and ideas that I am just so excited to want to share. Just as soon as I get my dream camera.


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