Dinner dates and a yawn

I love my husband. I really do. So much that I periodically agree to go out to dinner with him and another couple, people I don’t know, when he needs to conduct a business dinner. Tonight is one of those nights, and my first thought about it is that, darn, I shouldn’t have planned on driving out to my mom’s today so that I could get a nap in before tonight.

No, we won’t be staying out late, but I can just imagine how tonight will go. We will get to the restaurant, introductions will be made, we get drinks, we order, and now I’m very very very bored. Did I mention I’d get bored?
Now there are probably quite a few people who don’t really know how much I don’t understand. I’ve gotten pretty good at pretending like I’m paying attention. I watch the tennis match of conversation as it bounces back and forth between players, smiling when they smile, fake laughing when they do, while I’m thinking, I wonder how I can get those red fingernail polish handprints off my bathroom door that my son made a few months back?

But the biggest thing I really try not to do is yawn. I mean, is it me, or does that just seem incredibly rude when you’re talking to someone (and keep in mind that the other couple does think they’re talking to me too) and in the middle of the story, they yawn and seem to lose focus on the whole conversation? So while I don’t really pay attention to the conversation for the most part, I really do try to keep an active mind, make lists if necessary, and do anything… anything but yawn. Because that would be just plain rude. Just don’t hate me for not mentally paying attention, because lets face it folks, I wouldn’t understand ya anyway.


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  1. Posted by Michael Farrell on April 23, 2010 at 6:02 am

    To me, yawning is not as rude as checking your iPhone every two minutes. At least yawning is involuntary.


  2. I have been the unfortunate victim of the iPhone checking person, so you might be right about that. I tell myself that it’s ok for me to check my Blackberry for txts since I can’t hear a ringing phone, so I’m slightly understanding (assuming it’s not done every 2 mins).


  3. […] are the former bane of my existence as a deaf girl. So were drive-thru lanes. And phones. And conversation with human beings as a […]


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