Photo Fun

We got our camera, the Canon T2i, and I’m sitting here just a moment before starting on dinner. Eleven women showing up tonight for a scrapbooking/dinner party I’m hosting tonight and I can hardly contain myself from excitement. My husband is going to be watching the kids while all of us women discuss lots of girlie things, so I can’t see that he’s too excited, but that’s ok. He’s allowed a brief moment of sympathy.

Moment over.

Now about the camera. Here’s a photo from this winter of my little girl all bundled up. The photo was taken with our little Cassio point and shoot camera.

In Texas we don’t get much snow, but for some reason we had a few days this past winter and we got a lot of it. My girl didn’t walk until the beginning of ’09, so this past winter was actually her first time to play in the snow. She wasn’t too sure what to think of it.

And this next picture is taken with the Canon. Keep in mind this is one of the first pictures that my husband took, so we’re still playing with the settings and are starting out with the auto-focus mode. But you can still see a significant difference in the quality of the photo.

Now imagine what it could look like if we actually knew what we were doing!
We will. Very soon.

I haven’t had a chance to use the camera yet, but I definitely will this weekend when I take the kids to my uncle’s house at the lake.

So excited!


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