You didn’t know?

The funny thing about not hearing, is that everybody always knows things before me. When I was kid my mom bought our family’s first cell phone, which had about 30 minutes a month on a plan that was for emergency use only. Beepers were the new thing and the only reason we used the internet was for online chat. But now? You’re weird if you don’t own a cell phone, weirder if you don’t have an unlimited text plan, and even more weird if you don’t talk on your cell multiple times a day. And don’t get me started about all those people who talk while they’re driving. Communication is now at our fingertips. For most.

I got three texts today. One from my mom, telling me congratulations because she too got a phone call from my caseworker about my approval to receive a Cochlear Implant. One text was from my dad, saying congrats, and yet another one from my sister congratulating me. If you’re confused about this, well let me say that I was too. I’ve been trying for a year to be approved for financial aid enabling me to receive a Cochlear Implant, and all the sudden I’m getting congrats!

Apparently my husband, who is at work, got a call from my caseworker saying that I had been approved, a call which my mother also received. My husband must have decided to come home at lunch to tell me (which hasn’t quite happened yet), but here I am, the last one to know about it.

Don’t think I’m mad. Definitely not. It’s such an incredible thing to be approved by a program that is going to dish out over a hundred thousand dollars to pay for my surgery. And everyone is happy for me. And I am too, but just for weird reasons.

I’m really sitting here almost laughing at the whole thing, thinking that one day I may not be the very last person to know about something. One of these days after my surgery I’ll be able to get a phone call from a friend or family member about so-and-so having their baby, Aunt Suzy nearly having a car wreck, Grandma Smith’s cat dying, and every other little detail that we think doesn’t matter until we’re the last person to actually hear about it.

So while I may not have understood all those texts now, it won’t be long before I may be telling you about Cousin Claire’s engagement. Yes, you already know everything now, but watch out because I might just be the first one to receive the phone call next time around.


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  2. Posted by Michael on May 12, 2013 at 8:19 am

    I went through DARS some years ago for hearing aids when I was in college and had a terrible experience – mostly the guy I was working with, I think. It was creepy.


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