To Do List

Tomorrow my husband leaves on a trip to Albania. On Father’s Day, ironically enough. We’ve decided that I will drive him out to the airport, with both my three year old son and two year old daughter in tow. I’m not really sure what possessed me to agree to taking our kids to the airport with us, but I agreed, so there’s no turning back. My kids absolutely adore my husband, so I’m a little paranoid about the possibility of a long drawn out departure with only myself left to console two toddlers.

You may think it’s weird that I say that my kids love their dad because all kids love their dad, right? Last year my husband and I went on two different trips and left the kiddos with my parents. One trip was a work-related cruise (haha work, cruise, right?) and the other was a week long trip to Cancun, our first trip with just the two of us since before having kids. Upon returning home and greeting the kids, who do you think they run with glee toward? Their dad. I tell myself it’s because I don’t work and they see me all the time. Right.

So tomorrow my husband leaves. For ten days. Ten.

I’ve decided that I will keep us as crazy busy as possible so that the kiddos don’t miss their dad too much and so that my hair stays on my head until he returns. So I’ve made lists of things to do. Lots and lots of things.

1. See a movie at the theater. Shrek 3 or Toy Story 3? Or both? Probably both.
2. Go to a water park. Take loads and loads of sunscreen since I do not plan on turning into a tomato like last week.
3. Visit my parents. Maybe leave them with my parents?
4. Go to the pool. Scratch that. I have a crazy Homeowner’s Association. They deserve a whole blog dedicated to their craziness. I’d refuse to pay my fees if I knew I’d keep my house. So we’ll move instead. Seriously.
5. Visit my parents. Definitely leave the kids.
6. Ride the local mini-train. Scratch that. It’s a hundred degrees outside. Maybe we’ll go get ice cream instead.
7. I think we’ll see another movie since I’m out of ideas already.

I’ll be praying my hair stays intact. I love my kids. I do. But they are two and three and do everything from smearing bowel movements on walls to hand painting with red fingernail polish. Fact of the matter is…? I really shouldn’t be blogging and should go check on them.


One response to this post.

  1. These plans sound great to me.
    Iike to walk my toddler round and round the mall to get him tired before nap. But I don’t love doing that as much as I love dropping them off with Grandma!!

    I hope ya’ll have fun.


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