Day 2 Post-op

Every day post-op has been different for me. Whatever my head was numbed with gradually decreases little by little in different areas, so every day something feels better and something different might ache.

Day two, Tuesday, wasn’t as fuzzy as the first day. I slept most of the first day, obviously recovering from the anesthesia, and wasn’t as coherent as I was on the second day. But by day two, I realized that it wasn’t really sharp pains that I felt as much as it was soreness. The entire left side of my neck felt a lot like it did many years ago when I had a car accident and totaled my car. It’s kind of like when you really pull a muscle and it aches so bad that you do everything possible to refrain from using that muscle. I guess you can describe it as pain, but for me it just felt like it was incredibly sore.

I rested as much as possible, still going back and forth between laying down and sitting upright, and was gradually able to sit up in much longer increments. When I walked around, I could never turn my head, only my entire body, because of the soreness. Walking very slowly was also required of me because any sudden movement caused a wave of dizziness. More often than not on both day one and two, I would hold on to a chair or the wall as I walked, just to be sure I wouldn’t fall.

My mom had taken my kids home with her the day before my surgery, and she brought them back home on day two. She stayed most of the day and left in enough time to pick up my dad from work. I was to keep my kids for only about an hour and a half by myself, which I really thought I could do. Big mistake!

I sat on the couch for a while and played cars with my son, read a book or two to my daughter, and finally put on a movie for the two of them to watch so that I could lay my head down for a brief reprieve. What I didn’t expect was to fall asleep. I realized that I slept for a solid half hour before I had someone here with me. I had not taken any prescription grade medications in the hours preceding the time I would keep the kids myself, so I was surprised, appalled, and a little shaken up that I had fallen asleep.

Needless to say, my mom came back to help me on day three to be sure I didn’t do that again!


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