Day 3

Day three equals Wednesday.

Wednesday morning I woke up feeling much better than I had felt so far. I was still doing ab workouts, using my hands to lift my head from the pillow, but I noticed I didn’t have to rest as much.

I felt somewhat energized when I woke up, and I decided to make pancakes for the kids (which happens to be their favorite breakfast food). I slowly made my way around the kitchen, pulling everything out that I needed, but after measuring and mixing all the dry ingredients, I suddenly realized that there was no way I could finish the batter. The more I stood up, the more I felt completely disoriented. I tried to move slow to counterbalance the affect, but I just couldn’t get rid of the dizzy feeling that seemed to overwhelm me.

I sat down for a few minutes and put on some cartoons for the kids, and switched gears. My husband helped me make toast for the kids and I was able to put a few tablespoons of cream of wheat in a pan and stand long enough to make it over the stove. After fixing their bowls with a little butter, sugar, and cream of wheat, I stuck the pan in the sink and sat down again.

I understood now that I could stand for a few minutes at a time before the dizziness would set in and I would inevitably have to sit down again. But I was at least able to put away all the ingredients of my pancake attempt and clean up a little.

My mom came over at about 9:30 that morning and loaded the dishwasher for me, which is still something that I have yet to be able to do. Any task requiring me to bend over or move my head from a stationary position is very difficult. I’ve learned to brush my teeth by holding my forehead in my hand while I bend over to spit. Too much info? Sorry.

I was prescribed Valium by my doctor for dizzyness and mid-morning I was so dizzy that I took half of one, only to nearly fall over after it took affect. While my mom was at the house, I was able to sleep it off. For pain, I’ve been surprised at being able to survive on Tylenol, rather than the Hydrocodone I was prescribed for pain. Prescriptions just tend to knock me out.

In all, I actually felt better Wednesday, but the dizziness was what kept me from being as active as I would have liked. That evening my husband took the kids with him to work on some things at our church, and I was able to take a warm bath (without getting my head wet) and lay down most of the evening. It certainly helped me feel better.


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