Day 7

On Monday, my post-op instructions were to wait a full five days after my surgery date to wash my hair. To a woman, five days is an eternity! I mean seriously, if I plan on going somewhere with friends or family, I have to wash my hair that same day and preferably a few hours before going out. That’s what women do.

But then again, most women don’t have surgery on their ears either.

Because I knew I had to go FIVE full days (or until Saturday evening) without washing my hair, I was very careful to not be out in the nearly hundred degree weather outside, or even to produce any type of bodily perspiration for the length of time I had to keep my head dry.

I actually even went beyond the call of duty and kept my hair up in a freaky-looking half-shaved-head ponytail the whole five days. The reason for THAT was because I want my stitches out on Tuesday, during my first post-op doctor’s appointment. My theory is that if I keep my hair away from the incision, it also keeps the natural oils and eventual dirty hair off the incision too (although I DID put my hair down to go into a store once, but that was so weak-stomached people didn’t faint from seeing my nasty looking three inch stitched up gash in the side of my head). So far, my incision has healed very nicely with no irritation, so my theory tends to be proving fact.

You wondering if I’ve been tempted to wear my hair up and see how many people run to the nearest trash can? Very very tempted.

Although last night was technically the official time for me to hair-wash, I was just so crazy tired from watching my soon-to-be-3yr-old daughter and 4yr old son that I didn’t have any energy left after finally getting them to bed. At about 10pm, I popped a hydrocodone and two Tylenol and headed straight to bed (I can technically take two hydrocodone, but I don’t like to sleep like the dead and one just doesn’t kill the pain enough to sleep yet).

First thing on my agenda this morning was what? Wash my hair!! I was so excited to finally feel clean that I could barely contain myself. I walked somewhat slowly (or as fast as I could move at this point) to my shower and turned it to a lukewarm temperature. I didn’t want it too warm in case my incision was really sensitive. My shower head has good water pressure, so I was a little concerned if it would hurt, but it turns out that my head is still too numb to feel the water anyway. But it felt goooood!

Using my quads to squat and pick up the shampoo (I still can’t bend over or my head swims and I’m afraid I’ll hit the floor), I put a good amount in my hand and gently massaged it into my hair. And here comes MUCH trouble. I tipped my head back and lo and behold, my head swims so fast, I’m grabbing at the sides of the shower to stay upright. Maybe I should have planned this out a little better, but darn-it if I don’t want my hair clean! I finally compromised by placing my right hand on the back of my head, about in the middle, and let my head fall back ever-so-slightly with it’s weight supported by my hand. Accomplishment! Or sort of anyway. I never got around to the conditioner. My head was spinning pretty fast that I figured I’d get out while I was ahead. At least my hair is clean!

So maybe I’ve bored you with my not-so-fascinating story of washing my hair, but it gives you an idea of my everyday accomplishments. I feel like I can stand here and either bemoan the fact that I can’t bend over, or I can celebrate the fact that I have about 30% neck mobility now (when I look right/left) and I can somewhat wash my hair.

I choose the positive!

And after all, my countdown stands at 25 days until my processor is activated! I remind myself (and my half-shaved head of hair) that all of this is definitely worth it.


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