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4 Weeks Post-Op

It’s so difficult to believe that I’m already 4 weeks past surgery. It feels like it’s simply been ages ago, but just yesterday all the same. Thursday is my activation date, and I have so many emotions jumbled inside. What is the first sound I will hear? Will everything be crisp and clear, or will it be a mush of sounds that I have a hard time picking out a particular sound?

So hard to predict, but I’m forcing myself not to expect too much at the very beginning.

This weekend will be a complete whirlwind of activity. Saturday my parents are taking all of us to Medieval Times to belatedly celebrate mine and my brother and sister’s September birthdays and I’m so thrilled that my activation is prior to that. Not to mention that it is before all the holidays coming up. It’s so fun to think that all these future events will actually become a joy to me, rather than a day of watching about 50-75% of conversation around me, with me not able to take part in it. Without another word to describe it, it’s been so very boring.

And it’s so hard to be hopeful. I want to be. I know I should be. But I’ve lived for so many years like this that it’s just plain out weird to even imagine that I’ll hear very well. The great thing is whether I believe it or not, hope for it or not, or am excited about it or not, the facts simply say that it is true. I will hear it all (and maybe a little more of everything else than I thought I would).

And I’m SO ready for it.