Are you kidding me?

If there was ever a time that I just wanted to scream, now would be the time.

Hang on a minute…..

It doesn’t really help.

Today marks the eighth business day that the medical examiner in Austin has had my file and has yet to approve or deny my second surgery (if you’re just now tuning in to my blog, you may have to flip back through the archive to get the skinny on things).

I emailed my semi-new caseworker today to see if she could call the medical examiner, or even pass along his information so that I can have my mom call him. I’ve been busy with the kids today and didn’t get a chance to check my email until just a few moments ago.

I don’t really feel like being witty, so I’ll skip the sarcastic remarks today and get down to business. I got an email from my caseworker. No, not my semi-new caseworker (let’s call her Caseworker Jane) who has been handling my case for a little over a month now. No. I got an email from my former caseworker (let’s call her Caseworker Jezabel), who very often forgets that I’m alive. And that I’m living. And that I’m her case. And that she’s supposed to actually return the emails and phone calls I send her direction.

Caseworker Jezabel sent me an email today letting me know that she had returned from where ever she had gone. She was hoping for an update on how my surgery went, how I was adjusting with my implant, and if I had been to the speech therapist. Confused yet?

I don’t know how DARS handles things. I just assumed that if Caseworker Jezabel ever came back to DARS, that she would check in with Caseworker Jane about all the happenings that went on while being out of the office for so long. You know, just in case something went wrong during a surgery and so that someone didn’t get an email that became a slightly depressing reminder that her implant wasn’t working. That type of thing.

Honestly I might be being harsh with Caseworker Jezabel. I really have no idea why she was out of the office for so long. Maybe someone in her family was sick, maybe she had a dog die, I really don’t know. I do know that it took a solid year to get my first surgery approved with her at her station, but it is definitely possible that she’s had some sort of tragic thing happen recently to be away from work for so long.

I replied with a very nice email to her, giving her an update on everything that occurred, and asked her to please please check in with the medical examiner and see where things are. I had already emailed Caseworker Jane about it, but I figure if they both call the medical examiner, it might turn out to be a good thing. I’m just sorry that I wasted the really hearfelt tear-jerker email on Caseworker Jane, since it’s more likely that Caseworker Jezabel is the one it should have now been sent to. It’s kinda like I played the right card at the wrong time. Although if it’s at the wrong time, would that make it a wrong card? Who knows?!

I just pray that Caseworker Jezabel turns out to be a Caseworker Mary or something.


One response to this post.

  1. bureaucracy stinks. always. Sorry to hear about this; but, I hope that the wherever “Jezabel” went, her attitude and heart changed during that time and as a result, she became “Mary”. I know it’s a small hope; but, that’s how I am sometimes until reality crashes. LOL. šŸ™‚ Here’s to hoping that things will still resolve itself speedily.


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