You have GOT to be kidding!

It’s almost laughable that so much confusion has been going on with my case at DARS. Almost laughable.

Yesterday my old caseworker, now dubbed Caseworker Jezabel, came back from her stint in where ever land. I had sent her an email yesterday to update her on my case, but today my mom decided to call her and be sure that she was clear on everything. Caseworker Jezabel wasn’t in the office yet, but her assistant was. The assistant informed my mom that because my file had been sent to Austin(TX) to approve my second surgery, there was no reason for Caseworker Jezabel to even be contacting me. The assistant went on to say that Caseworker Jezabel didn’t even have a reason that she should be contacting me, since the case was no longer her issue, but Austin’s.

Are you ready for the kicker?

Caseworker Jezabel had spent some of her morning looking at my file and email (*gasp*) and was able to update herself on my case. This morning while I was with my mom, Caseworker Jezabel called to let us know that my file had not been sent to Austin for approval. My mom told her that both the assistant and Caseworker Jane (the fill-in caseworker) had confirmed that the file had, in fact, been sent off for approval. Caseworker Jezabel said that she was looking through their computer system and she could not find anywhere that showed that the paperwork had actually been sent. On top of that, she also said that even if the paperwork had been sent, it shouldn’t take this long for the approval or denial.

So where are we now?

Who knows?! My mom politely asked Caseworker Jezabel to contact the Austin offices and confirm that the paperwork is there. However she also told her that if she didn’t hear back from Caseworker Jezabel by the end of the day, she would be calling Austin herself in the morning to find out. Go Mom!

So did we hear from Caseworker Jezabel? What do you think? No. As in, no, we did not hear from her. And I really don’t care at this point. I found the Austin office number online a little while ago and my mom will call them in the morning and figure out if they got the paperwork. We will prevail!!

I miss my husband. I miss him terribly. The worst part about all this is that I don’t have anyone’s shoulder to cry on while all this is going on. Granted, I’m so crazy busy with watching the kids that I don’t really have time to cry, but I’d still rather being going through this with him and not without. I guess since he’s in Africa passing out relief aid to poor and hungry people, it’s best that I stop whining about it and be thankful that he’s able to do what he is doing.

So tonight we wait. Wait. Wait. Tomorrow we will take another chip at that rock wall that seems to be standing in the way of things. This time we’re bringing sledgehammers.


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