Day 2

Day 2 has already come and gone, and I’m amazed! If you haven’t checked out my Activation Day yet, be sure to view that first.

In order for me to get through writing daily, I think I’ve realized I have to shorten these blog posts. I want more than anything to catalog each and every day’s events, but I’m gonna try to start now and keep them short and sweet.

One thing I realized on first waking Friday morning, and placing my implant on, is that I’m starting all over. I got remotely used to all the high pitches on Day 1, but my gosh, when I turned on the processor for Day 2, the weirdness sounded nearly as bad as the first time I put it on. It took me an hour or so before things sounded semi-normal again. Or as normal as weirdness can sound anyway.

I spent the morning finishing a birthday cake for my husband’s boss’ daughter (if that makes any sense). My son was up early and pulled up a chair to watch. He had a little R2D2 toy that he was running back and forth over the edge of the counter while I worked on the cake. After a few minutes, I kept hearing these really weird noises, and when I looked up to see what it was, I realized that he was the culprit making all the noises. I laughed, causing him to look at me, and he gave me a shy little smile after he realized I was laughing at him. I assured him was fine, but it was just so fun hearing what I didn’t realize I had been missing. Of course by today, I realize that he makes weird noises all day long while playing with toys, so it’s not such a novelty anymore. But I love it all the same.

Later in the day, while the kids napped and the house was quiet, I was cutting out some paper stars that I was going to glue to florist wire and put on the top of the cake. When I was cutting the paper, it was just crazy amazing that not only could I hear the paper when I shifted or moved it, but I could also hear my scissors cutting through the paper. How awesome is that?

And how can I forget my conversations with my three year old little girl? I’ve found that her voice is easier to actually understand than my son’s voice now. My brain is still so overwhelmed with all these new high pitches that it focuses on them and tries to tune out the low pitches. My son’s voice is just a tad lower and carries in a way different from my daughter, so I had always been able to understand him much better and her almost none at all. Well, now it’s completely opposite! But let me tell you, my son has had four years in the spotlight, so a week for me to adjust won’t do him any harm, and all my wonderful new conversations with my daughter are so fun!

I found my girl in my bedroom sometime during the day when I was checking on her, and she had two of her baby dolls in a corner. She said, “My babies fight. I spanked them really super hard and put them in timeout.”

Let me say here that while we do spanking our children (one time) on the occasions when all else fails, the really-super-hard thing I find simply hilarious. The most she does after a spanking I give her is say, “Ouch.” Yeah. So wondering where on earth she gets the idea that she has to whop them silly sent me in a fit of laughter. I know I should have told her not to hit the babies, and Lord knows I’ve told her to be nice to her babies and love them, but I was just so crazy happy to be hearing her that I couldn’t do any of those things. I love hearing her silly conversations so much.

Friday night I went to a girl’s-night-in at a friend’s house. A group of us enjoy scrapbooking together from time to time, and I was wondering how I’d do with all the conversation. At the first of the night, I had a difficult time. I kept hearing a whirring sound and I couldn’t concentrate on conversation with it there. I got up from my seat at a table after a while and walked around the room looking for the noise. I finally went back to the bathroom, where it was quiet, and took off my processor. What I found is that I do still hear tinnitus. At least I know that it’s not a high pitch at all anymore. It’s more of a mid-range sound. I was frustrated, but at least I knew what it was. I started focusing harder on the conversations and blocking out the tinnitus and it eventually did fade out. Now that I’m typing about it, I hear it, and anytime I stop and wonder if it’s there, I suddenly start to hear it, but I’ve been able to block it out now that I know what it is. I guess it’s a mental thing?

Anyway, after figuring that out, I was able to relax and enjoy myself more than I realized. I was still lipreading about 50-75% of everything, but it was just so much easier than with hearing aids. I’ve not been able to participate in a group setting in I don’t know how many years. Granted, I still didn’t catch everything around me, but I did so much better than I expected. At one point, I was just astounded that someone was talking from clear across the room, and I understood exactly what she said! I was facing her and could see her lips move to help me out, but still. I’d never have known what she said a few days ago. Hands down this is just so much easier to live with!

Oh, and last thing. I’ve started working out again and I use a series of workout videos to do it. In the afternoon of Day 2, I put my video in, set the volume at a normal level, and kept my processor on for the first few minutes until I got too hot to wear it. It was yoga, so most of my time was spent not looking at the flatscreen, and I was surprised that I was able to pick up several of his words and sentences. I can pick up bits and pieces of what my husband says without looking at him (if I’m concentrating), but I’ve been around my husband so much that I figured that was why. I was very happy to see that I could understand the workout guy, since I’d not heard him one bit.

I admit, I get frustrated sometimes with the weirdness of the sounds, but I realize the more that I pick things up, that this will all be worth it. The adjustment phase is going great if I sit back and pace myself. It’s just hard being patient sometimes!


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