Day 5 – More reasons I don’t like Walmart

First note, I can’t hear the tinnitus anymore. It wasn’t a high pitched ringing, like it used to be before my surgeries, but it was more a low pitched whirring-type noise. I always hear it without the processor on, and I had trouble on Day #2, when I started hearing it with the processor on. But today, I realized that I don’t hear it at all anymore. I tried really hard to listen for it, and it’s just simply not there. Weird, that. Certainly a good thing.

On Day 5, I took my kids to Walmart. I know, I know. Why on God’s green earth would I attempt to take a three and four year old to that place by myself? Even I am not perfect, nor do I always think before doing.

So the three of us walk into Walmart and all of the sudden, I can’t hear much of anything. I kept looking around, trying to figure out why I suddenly could barely make out what my kids are saying, and it was hard to explain. All of the zillion noises just jumbled together so that I couldn’t really make out a single thing. The sounds seemed to mold together to create a blanket of white noise. I suppose it’s similar to a loud air conditioner that makes conversation difficult to hear or understand.

One thing about my processor, is that all of the programs set on my remote are for volume. Eventually I will get a program that will be directional, where I can cut out all the noise behind me and focus on the sounds in front of me, like my kiddos talking in a great big noisy place. But until then, I have to muddle through the best I can.

So Walmart was a mess. I ended up turning my volume up to program #4 to hear the kids, but the second we left the place, I had a headache so bad from the noise that I pulled the volume back down to program #3. My headache persisted later on, and when the kids went down for naps, I decided to lay down as well. I set the alarm on my phone to wake me up shortly, set both for vibrate and tone. How weird is it that I didn’t feel the vibration of the phone in my pocket but I woke up hearing the loud tone from the alarm? Pretty awesome!

My headache still remained, so I finally caved and took a few Tylenol. I know my headaches are stemmed from various reasons. One, my volume was set really high in Walmart to understand the kids and it probably was just too much for me. Second, even though I understand noises so much more, I’m in a constant state of concentration. I’m either concentrating on what my kids are saying, or my brain is downloading and mentally compartmentalizing all the new sounds I hear from day to day. Memorization at it’s finest. Unfortunately it’s just still so overwhelming that I my brain needs a break every now and then. I could take off my processor for a while if I need to, but I’m just afraid I’ll miss out on something.

In the evening, after the kids were in bed, I did my video workout that I started a week prior. My workouts are a series of videos, and this particular video had both push-ups and chin-ups. After I did the first set of push-ups, I suddenly heard the whirring of the tinnitus again. I’m being very careful working out, making certain that I don’t overtax any neck muscles, so I only did a few push-ups. I stopped when I heard the tinnitus, and within a few seconds, it completely stopped. I tried to listen for it, thinking I just blocked it out mentally, but it really was not there anymore. So I did my first set of chin-ups. The tinnitus started as soon as I did a few chin-ups and I stopped. This time I counted, and the tinnitus lasted for twenty seconds total. At about ten seconds, it started fading out, and by twenty seconds, it was completely gone. So now I’m assuming that the tinnitus may just be from overstimulation or from working my neck muscles a little too much.

Inevitably, I’m going to be more careful. I’m now skipping the major upper-body workouts and will give myself a few more weeks before trying to pick those up again. After five months of very restricted activity from the two surgeries, I’m just so ready to get back into these workouts, but I’m obviously going to have to pace myself and begin very very slowly and carefully.


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