Day 7: My Grandmother

Over the course of the last few days, I’ve developed headaches. Day 7 was no different and I forced myself to take my processor’s volume back to program #2. I took Tylenol to ward of the oncoming headache of the morning, and prepared myself and the kids for a visit to my mom’s house.

I turned the television on for the kids in the living room, so that I could get dressed in my bedroom without worrying if they were getting into something they shouldn’t. After walking into my bedroom, I could distinctly make out some of the words from the theme song to the show they were watching. Interesting!

After heading to my mom’s house, I got to do something that I’ve not been able to do for many years now.

My grandmother (my mom’s mom) just turned eighty years old a few weeks ago, and it was one of those reminders for me that time flies at such a rapid pace. It’s moments like those that you remember to enjoy the moments around you, because before long, they’ll fade with the wind.

I couldn’t hear much of anything at my grandmother’s party, but on Day 7, I can’t describe how much I enjoyed just sitting and chatting with her. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to do that and only God can know how much longer I will have with her.

I love her dearly.

If there’s anything I remember about my grandmother, it’s the way she used to cook. I’m talking biscuits made from flour, not from a mix or out of a can, and made-from-scratch gravy that will have your mouth watering before your first bite. I remember standing next to her in the kitchen, early in the morning after spending the night with her, just watching in fascination as she worked her magic in the kitchen.

She can’t really cook like that anymore, and it’s bittersweet that most of my memories of her are from so long ago. There’s so much difference in talking with a grandparent as an adult than as a child. I think we value those relationships much more when we know how fragile they really can be. We learn to take nothing for granted, and I that’s exactly what I did on Day 7. I stored this memory of adult conversation with my much loved “Mema”, and I look forward for the days ahead of us.

And I’m believing there will be quite a few.


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