Day 8: My gigglie girl

My son started his very first soccer season last week. This is him.


My husband let my son pick out his soccer clothes on the night before the first practice (and this picture), and in case you can’t tell, the clothes are about two sizes too big.

So my daughter and I went on Day 8 to Kohl’s to find some soccer shorts for my son that would be more of his size. We went into Kohl’s while my son was in pre-k, and because it was just after nine o’clock in the morning, we were virtually the only customers in the store.

We walked in the door, took the first few steps onto the tile walkway, and I realize something. My three year old daughter, walks very, very loudly. I mean, I could seriously hear her steps echoing through the store! It was funny, and so so her.

Speaking of that girl I love.


I’ve noticed that she not only walks very loudly, but she also giggles nonstop.

I was sitting at the computer sometime later in the day and I began to hear my girl giggle. I don’t know why I really hadn’t noticed it until Day 8. I’m sure I’ve actually heard it, but it’s odd how I just pass over so many things, and then at some point it just “clicks” with me that I’m hearing something in particular. And that’s how it was with her giggle. Once I noticed it, I notice it all the time.

And I just love it!

When I heard her start her giggling, I wondered what she was doing. Odd how a mother just knows these things, right? I began to call her.

What are you doing girlie?


Are you hiding from me?

{more giggles}

I’m gonna come find you….

{giggles again}

I walked around my room, and bathroom, calling every now and then, only to be answered with more giggles. I finally walked out my bedroom door toward the living room and found the cat sleeping on the top tier of the kitty tower and my little girl, covered with her blanket, “sleeping” on the second tier of the kitty tower.

I had to giggle right along with her.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Melody on March 4, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    I almost cried just reading this too. LOL


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