Not so long ago…

After getting out of bed the other morning, I quickly donned some clothes and sat down to check my facebook before having to make the kids’ breakfast.

My husband was getting ready for work, and he walks up to my chair and stops. I turned to look up at him, and he’s eying me expectantly. Did he say something?

“What?” I asked.

Blah blah blah.

“Huh?” I say, scrunching my nose and clearly puzzled at what he just said.

He sighs, obviously frustrated and then proceeds to motion at his ear, and I catch something like, “Do you have your processor on?”

“Uh, no.” I say.

He sighs again, which I can’t hear obviously, but his body language is clearly one of a frustrated individual. I give him a smile and tell him I forgot to put it on a second ago. He nods, and walks off, and I almost fall into a fit of laughter.

It’s funny. Heartwarming. And so hard to believe that it was just a few short weeks ago that this was what our life was like. Constantly.

I know a little sign language, and I’ve tried to teach him a few signs, but when he kept getting the “A” and “S” letters mixed up, despite how many times I showed him, I finally just gave up. We were destined to just survive, albeit how hard it was, and wait for technology to annihilate our communication barriers.

It’s in these little moments that I realize how completely different it is now.

Have I said how much I love my husband? I can’t imagine what it was like for him to experience this past decade with me. But he did. And he’s still here, something which I’m always grateful for.


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