Inventors Wanted

If you had a chance to read my last blog, you know that I’m traveling to the nation of Albania this week on a humanitarian aid trip. What you don’t know is that I’ve had a pretty interesting trip so far.

I don’t know why, but I keep thinking that, now that I’m pretty well adjusted to my Cochlear Implant, I won’t really find much that surprises me. Don’t ask me where I get that.

My husband, myself, and my father-in-law departed by plane from DFW airport at about ten thirty this morning. As we were sitting in the plane. Preparing for takeoff, the flight attendants pull out their nifty little safety guides and some lady begins the safety speech over the plane’s PA system. It surprised me that I understood every word of that! It almost made me want to pull out my own little safety manual on front of me to follow along. Almost.

When we landed here in JFK, I kept trying to understand the PA system for the entire airport terminal, bit alas, there are some limits to my hearing comprehension thus far. It’s has such a bad echo to it that I’m just not used to hearing. All in good time, I tell myself. I will try again on the return trip.

Now, you may wonder what I did during my spare time on the flight to JFK, so let me tell you.

I shopped.

Have you ever shopped in the SkyMall magazines aboard an airplane? Let me show you what I found.

Who doesn’t have a pair of these? I wear flip-flops pretty often in Texas, but I doubt there’s much that could entice me to put these on. Maybe if I had a toe fungus. Or maybe not.

This is nearly guaranteed to, and I quote, “Get your confidence back.” If your hairline is receding, I think you might look better just borrowing Mr. Trump’s hairpiece than this. Just sayin’.

Bottom line?

SkyMall. Now hiring inventors.


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