The phone. The phone is ringing.


The weirdest thing about my cochlear implant (CI) is that I keep hearing new things. Different things.

A lot of people assume, as I did myself, that once I got it turned on, I’d hear most everything at once. Sure I’d have to learn to differentiate voices, learn to know what certain sounds were that I’d not heard in a long time, or similar situations like that. But it’s so weird that just when I start to think I’ve hit the end of what I’ll be able to hear, I find something new.

I’ve been talking over the phone for a few weeks to various people, mostly my family, and I can never hear my phone ring unless it’s within arms reach. I can’t tell you how many times someone has left a voice mail and I’ll have to call them back. I’ve become adjusted to just carrying my phone in my pocket or I’d never hear it ring.

The other day I was sitting about fifty feet from my phone, and I actually heard it ring. It didn’t really surprise me, since my house was really quiet with both my kids being at school, so I passed off the incident and didn’t think about it.

Later that day I was at a grocery store and I heard my phone ring from my pocket. I pulled out my phone, saw that it wasn’t actually ringing, and looked up to find another woman digging through her purse looking for her phone. I felt like I got stuck in one of those moments on TV where everything pauses. Time kinda stood still a second while I realized that the woman was about twenty feet from me and I’d heard her phone ring. I did a little shake of my head and kept walking.

The day after all that I was sitting at my kitchen table and reading a book while my kids were in the living room watching cartoons. My living and kitchen are open too each other, so I could hear the kids and the TV very clearly while I read. I wasn’t reading for more than a few minutes before I clearly heard my phone ring from completely across the room, and also deep down in my purse.

After I finished the phone call, I finally acknowledged the fact that I really could hear my phone ring now. Things like this happen periodically. I’ll think I can’t hear something or other, a few weeks or a month goes by, and eventually I start hearing it. It’s so weird how my brain just gradually “clicks” on certain sounds, but once it does, boy does it!

Apparently six months post-activation is the month my brain clicked with my cell phone ring. I’ve heard it just fine almost every time this past week!


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  1. Posted by Gisela on July 18, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    wow I never thought someone actually had a blog about experiences like this. So cool to know. My name is Gisela Im 24 years old about four years ago I finally accepted the fact that I need hearing aids.I got my first set of hearing aids when I was 12 but I never wore them unless my mother was around. Within less than a year I lost one of my hearing aids so I decided not to wear them at all. The reason was because I was so scared of what my friends and people at school would say. I saw other kids get made fun of for wearing hearing aids and I didn’t want that to happen to me. Then when I got to college it hit me. I was in my first year of college and I was in probation for having a gpa under 2.0. It was so weird to me because In high school I had really good grades actually I had a 3.2. I didn’t really know what was going on I was so depressed and didn’t even think it was because I was hard of hearing. One day a professor kicked me out of class. I was so mad and didn’t know why, I asked why it was that she was kicking me out and she just yelled at me to “get out” I got out and waited for a friend because I had her for my next class. When I finally met my friend I started talking about the professor with her I told her that she was such a bitch and that what the hell was her problem, I was just so mad. My friend then told me that my phone rang twice. 😥 I didn’t hear it. That’s the moment when it hit me. I started crying and I was mad at myself. In a way I’m glad that happened because that’s what got me to get my hearing aids. When I visited the doctor she told me I was practically lip reading. If someone wasn’t looking at me while talking I could only catch some words. I started crying I couldn’t believe it. The hardest part was that I was being so harsh with my family and even sometimes my friends. I would get mad at my mom for saying im deaf and that I should wear my hearing aids, I would get mad at her for “whispering” When she knew I couldn’t hear well, in reality she wasn’t I just didn’t want to accept I was deft. So then finally I go my hearing aids I didn’t know how to react but I did know that I didn’t want to tell anybody about it because I knew what my mother was going to say “I told you” “why don’t you listen to me” “I only want what’s best for you” “You probably would be this deft now and could have got your hearing better by using your hearing aids” blah blah blah honestly all the things that I really didn’t want to listen to back then. First day with my hearing aids was horrible, I had really bad headaches I guess all the noise was too much, it was normal the doctor said. So I pull up into the drive way to my house (my mothers house since at that time I still lived there) and when I get out the car I hear noises coming from the garage (before if someone was in the garage talking I never heard anything unless something fell and made a big noise. I was so weirded out by it. I walk in the house and I hear all this noises I was kind of scared in a way. Silly me. Well the noises where coming from the refrigerator, the washing and drying machines from the TV upstairs. I was walking to the noises to see what they were. If anybody saw they probably would of tough I was crazy or something or maybe join me in finding the noise because they wanted to know what it was that I was hearing. Anyway right after following some noises to determine what they were I went upstairs to my room I could remember all I did was cry and lay on my bed. I didn’t want to tell anybody so that made things harder. I wore my hair down every day after that because I didn’t want anyone to know. The next day after I got my hearing aids was a Saturday, my mom always made breakfast for my sisters and I so she was yelling out my name for me to come downstairs and it. She yelled so loud that I was bored by it, I came out of my room and with an annoyed t
    attitude I said to her “Why are you yelling, what do you want.” My mom was shocked! not because I was her attitude but because I heard her. Right away she asked me “you heard me” and again me mad and annoyed answered “yeah what do you want” and she just said that breakfast was ready to come and eat. Later that day I was watching TV downstairs it was really low because I have a setting on my hearing aid for when I watch TV (it made the tv louder even tough it was) I had it on volume 10 and usually I would have it at 48. My older sister passed by and asked me if I could hear that and I didn’t respond I just ignored her. Couple minutes after My little sister was talking on the phone in the upstairs living room and I had to tell her to be quiet (ok I told her to shut up) and she was amazed at that too, she ask me “what the hell… you can hear me?” I responded “Yeah and go to your room or something” 5 days passed and everyone was acting so weird around me and were happy I think they tough a miracle happened to me and I was back to being the little girl they knew before my head injury accident (that’s another long story which is the reason why I began to loose my hearing) So I had to tell them it my mom was just happy. The rest is another long story so to make the long story short My grades went up, I had a 3.0 when I graduated with my A.A degree transferred to university and have a 3.0 as well and will be graduating soon. I had no idea how much not hearing affected me I could never wake up and the first thing that pops in my head is to put my hearing aids on. Still today I wish there was an operation that could just fix my hearing so I wouldn’t have to wear hearing aids. And im still not comfortable wearing my hair up with people that don’t know about my hearing aids but im getting there its getting easier and easier to accept my self as a hard of hearing girl. Sorry for the long story.


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