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Early Monday

I don’t know why I figured that I wouldn’t have to go into the hospital for pre-op bloodwork this time around, but apparently it’s true. And fyi, when they take your blood for the labwork, it only is good for 14 days. Who knew?

On Wednesday when I was at the hospital for the pre-op stuff, me and my mom also had to talk with the billing lady. They like to take your insurance card and driver’s license and make copies, despite the fact that we did this only a little over a month ago and they probably already have a big file on me. But regardless, we sit with her to go through all the paperwork and she asked us what the surgical procedure was. So I guess this stuff really doesn’t happen much since she had to have to figure out what’s going down on Monday.

After talking with the billing lady for a while, we were asked to wait in a different area until the nurse called for me to do the bloodwork. From even across the lobby, my mom and I could smell the coffee that someone had brought into the room as we were pointed to where we needed to wait, and it’s only natural that we drifted a little further down the hall than we had to and found the room with the coffee.

Sitting on a counter in a waiting room was this beautiful shiny little contraption that brews just one cup of coffee at a time. I’ve never actually used one before, and apparently neither had my mom. Next to the coffee maker were these little disposable(and sealed) cups of coffee grounds, and they reminded me of a individual little thing of coffee creamer, only about five times larger. My mom picked up the type of coffee grounds that she wanted and after that I’m not really sure what she did with it. I opened the top of the coffee maker and saw that an old used container of coffee grounds was sitting inside, my mom removed it, and I closed the lid. We were debating if we should open the new container or if it goes in unopened, when my mom punched the button on the coffee maker for 6oz of coffee.

As the coffee maker starts spewing hot water out the bottom, I say, “Do you think we’re supposed to put the coffee grounds in before you push that?”

And once it started, there was no stopping it. My mom quickly placed her foam coffee cup under the maker to catch a majority of the liquid, and we stand there to wait out the process. The maker finishes and we open the lid to put in the actual coffee grounds to start over, and suddenly my name is called. Darn! We turn around to head back down the hallway and I suddenly notice several pairs of eyes quickly diverting from my mom and I. Obviously we were something to watch. But hey, at least we know how to use one of those things now!

My bloodwork went fine, I answered a million and one questions about my medical history, and we quickly exited the hospital, ready to go back to my mom’s and brew coffee the way we know how.

My focus since Wednesday is more geared toward my surgery (not the coffee maker mishap). I’m curious as to what my recovery will be like this time around, since I really have no clue if all my muscles will be affected like the last time, or if it will just be more numbness and pressure from having stitches again. I guess we’ll wait and see!

Until then, I’m cleaning house, stocking groceries, and doing laundry to be prepared to do absolutely nothing for those first few days. I’m counting the days until my alarm rings 4:30am Monday morning to prepare for this next time around.