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My sister. My friend. My very gifted photog.

I love my sister. She’s one of those people that has been there through thick and thin with me, and if I ever needed anything, I know that she’d be there in a heartbeat. A few weekends ago I asked her to take my family’s Christmas pictures, and there are no words to express my appreciation for these printable memories.

I do realize that Christmas is a long ways off, but because our Christmas cards have to be sent off to the printer and shipped to us, we gotta do the whole portrait thing pretty far in advance.


I told my sister only a very few things, but the rest was up to her. I showed her the outfits we would all wear, and I told her that I want to do a photoshoot in a big field with furniture. I know it’s weird to place furniture in the middle of a field, but that was the whole point. I’d surfed a lot of photography websites, I had seen someone shoot the field/furniture thing, and it really grabbed me as being unique. So with those few things as direction, here’s what my sister shot.

My son went first, and I just could NOT make up my mind about a dozen pictures, so I had to post three. I’m sorry, but he’s just that cute!



Next was my daughter, and for whatever reason, she was in a dreadful mood. I find it very interesting that every year ONE of our children is very uncooperative.


Despite the fact that she didn’t want to smile at the camera, we were able to sneak in a few decent shots.


I just love that girl to pieces, no matter how much she didn’t want to smile. It was pretty chilly out there in the middle of the field, so I do give her that much.


When I say that my daughter was uncooperative, I really have no earthy idea where she gets it from. Everyone else in our family is extremely polite and poses naturally upon command.


Ok, maybe I was fibbing. When my husband isn’t goofing off, he is….


Ok, fine, he’s always goofing off. But on occasion we can get him to smile nicely for the camera.


Notice here how my daughter is looking at her brother. This happens very, very often.


Even with all the posing, the kids did have fun. Hay is fun, right?


They did get a little instruction on the whole sit-in-the-old trunk pictures. I swear they almost broke the trunk before my sister started instructing. Don’t tell my parents that, since the very old trunk was on loan.



Sometime around the whole trunk thing, we let let kids just break loose and have fun. Let me tell you, there is just nothing like a good picture of kiddos having fun. Completely unposed.


Because c’mon, who doesn’t like to jump on a sofa? And a sofa in the middle of a field? Well that’s just pure bliss I tell ya!


And we just can’t go without a pillow fight! We love pillow fights with daddy. Those are the best kind!


But this next picture? Be still my heart…


We might not have gotten a full family picture that I just adore, being that kids will be kids, but I love so many of the kids’ pictures that it really doesn’t matter. I didn’t post the pictures that will go out on our Christmas cards. You’ll have to come back around Christmas-time to find that one here.

I just love this holiday time of year. Don’t you?



The case of the stolen photo

I’ve always been a pretty creative person. In college, I majored in Interior Design and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, but I’m fairly certain that my parents wasted about fifty grand on a degree I’ll probably not use much. The area I’m most creative has nothing to do with paint and drapes, and has everything to do with food.

I decorate cakes. As a little girl I remember watching my mom every time she decorated a cake for someone’s wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other type of milestone. It’s a dangerous business to be in. I think I’ve made a few friends and family irritated at one time or another because once you learn to decorate really good, all those friends and family come out of the woodwork to ask you to decorate a cake for them, their friends, their friend’s friend, and their cousin’s aunt’s sister’s grandchild. Or something like that.

The great thing about doing those for family is that they make easy portfolio pictures. And through the years, I’ve had tons of practice. TONS (big family). So much that this year I became a full fledged legal cake business. My website is a mess because I haven’t had time to get even half of my portfolio pictures on it, but hopefully I can get time this weekend to fix it.

Now it’s incredibly ironic, but my husband came up with the name Loud Cakes some time ago, and the name just stuck with me. We had originally come up with that name because I wanted a very unique name, my own dot-com, and I wanted it to send a message. A person’s wedding cake says a lot about her as a person, right? Well of course it’s weird that I don’t hear, and I choose that name, and it’s even weirder that I never even thought of it. But there it is, in case you wondered.

So yesterday as I’m checking my email, trying to get some wedding cake quotes out to a few brides via email, and I received an interesting message. A lady had emailed me and informed me that a bakery was using one of my portfolio pictures as one of their own. I’ve seen this happen before and it’s really not a big deal, but I did decide to look into it. I don’t mind anyone using my cake images, just give me the credit for it.

Here’s the picture of my cake.

When I went to the bakery website, I was really just a little annoyed, but more flattered than anything. When I realized they were located in Orlando? Then I was REALLY flattered. How on earth did someone in Florida find my website when I haven’t advertised one iota? No clue on that.

So I emailed the bakery and the owner actually responded very kindly, apologizing, because they had hired a cake decorator who had come with her own portfolio, which the bakery posted on the web, and didn’t know until a few days ago that some of the photos were not actually cakes that the employee designed. Or rather I should say ex-employee. She was fired a few days ago before I even knew about my photo.

I actually felt sorry for the bakery, but at the same time I did view the girl’s portfolio and I know for certain that I’ve seen several of those other cakes in various ads. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for the bakery for getting duped or for being so uninformed in the cake world.

All I know is that after waking up in the middle of the night to change my 3 year old son’s sheets, give him a shower, and change his clothes, I’m pretty darn worn out. So cakes this weekend get put aside, and this blog gets put aside while I go crash while the kiddos are napping. Well either that or make a big pot of Starbucks coffee. Yumm.