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New me. New picture.

Some of you, all of you, or maybe just a few of you might have visited my “About Me” page at some point or another during the last [almost] two years of my blogging. If you did, you’d have formerly seen a picture I’d always figured kinda summed me up.

This one.

When I took the picture, it was long before I had my cochlear implant surgery, and back when I struggled as a deaf person. Being born hearing but late deafened, my first year here as a blogger was my most difficult one. My children were still toddlers, my marriage was bumpy, and while I really wanted to be happy, it was just so very hard to be. I never quite looked life in the eye.

But now? Almost seven months post-activation of my cochlear implant, I know I’m a completely different person.

This is me.


I normally hate pictures of me. I’m just not one of those people who is comfortable with being photographed, but I got this picture in the mail this week from the photographer we used a few weeks back for family pics. And I love it. I’m such a visual person, and it’s here in this picture that I can see for myself just how much I really am different. It’s one thing to feel it, but for me it’s something completely different to see it.

Thank you McGowan Images for this tangible product of my life now.

I gotta go find a kleenex now!


My sister. My friend. My very gifted photog.

I love my sister. She’s one of those people that has been there through thick and thin with me, and if I ever needed anything, I know that she’d be there in a heartbeat. A few weekends ago I asked her to take my family’s Christmas pictures, and there are no words to express my appreciation for these printable memories.

I do realize that Christmas is a long ways off, but because our Christmas cards have to be sent off to the printer and shipped to us, we gotta do the whole portrait thing pretty far in advance.


I told my sister only a very few things, but the rest was up to her. I showed her the outfits we would all wear, and I told her that I want to do a photoshoot in a big field with furniture. I know it’s weird to place furniture in the middle of a field, but that was the whole point. I’d surfed a lot of photography websites, I had seen someone shoot the field/furniture thing, and it really grabbed me as being unique. So with those few things as direction, here’s what my sister shot.

My son went first, and I just could NOT make up my mind about a dozen pictures, so I had to post three. I’m sorry, but he’s just that cute!



Next was my daughter, and for whatever reason, she was in a dreadful mood. I find it very interesting that every year ONE of our children is very uncooperative.


Despite the fact that she didn’t want to smile at the camera, we were able to sneak in a few decent shots.


I just love that girl to pieces, no matter how much she didn’t want to smile. It was pretty chilly out there in the middle of the field, so I do give her that much.


When I say that my daughter was uncooperative, I really have no earthy idea where she gets it from. Everyone else in our family is extremely polite and poses naturally upon command.


Ok, maybe I was fibbing. When my husband isn’t goofing off, he is….


Ok, fine, he’s always goofing off. But on occasion we can get him to smile nicely for the camera.


Notice here how my daughter is looking at her brother. This happens very, very often.


Even with all the posing, the kids did have fun. Hay is fun, right?


They did get a little instruction on the whole sit-in-the-old trunk pictures. I swear they almost broke the trunk before my sister started instructing. Don’t tell my parents that, since the very old trunk was on loan.



Sometime around the whole trunk thing, we let let kids just break loose and have fun. Let me tell you, there is just nothing like a good picture of kiddos having fun. Completely unposed.


Because c’mon, who doesn’t like to jump on a sofa? And a sofa in the middle of a field? Well that’s just pure bliss I tell ya!


And we just can’t go without a pillow fight! We love pillow fights with daddy. Those are the best kind!


But this next picture? Be still my heart…


We might not have gotten a full family picture that I just adore, being that kids will be kids, but I love so many of the kids’ pictures that it really doesn’t matter. I didn’t post the pictures that will go out on our Christmas cards. You’ll have to come back around Christmas-time to find that one here.

I just love this holiday time of year. Don’t you?


Photo Fun

We got our camera, the Canon T2i, and I’m sitting here just a moment before starting on dinner. Eleven women showing up tonight for a scrapbooking/dinner party I’m hosting tonight and I can hardly contain myself from excitement. My husband is going to be watching the kids while all of us women discuss lots of girlie things, so I can’t see that he’s too excited, but that’s ok. He’s allowed a brief moment of sympathy.

Moment over.

Now about the camera. Here’s a photo from this winter of my little girl all bundled up. The photo was taken with our little Cassio point and shoot camera.

In Texas we don’t get much snow, but for some reason we had a few days this past winter and we got a lot of it. My girl didn’t walk until the beginning of ’09, so this past winter was actually her first time to play in the snow. She wasn’t too sure what to think of it.

And this next picture is taken with the Canon. Keep in mind this is one of the first pictures that my husband took, so we’re still playing with the settings and are starting out with the auto-focus mode. But you can still see a significant difference in the quality of the photo.

Now imagine what it could look like if we actually knew what we were doing!
We will. Very soon.

I haven’t had a chance to use the camera yet, but I definitely will this weekend when I take the kids to my uncle’s house at the lake.

So excited!

It’s coming….(Finally!!)

I’ve been procrastinating lately, although I really must say that is nothing I haven’t done in the past. I’m a very well known procrastinator. I could win an award for it. Seriously.

But why have I been doing so much more procrastinating than I usually do? Well I bought a camera a few weeks ago, or rather I decided to buy a camera and my husband decided to buy a better camera and ended up making the purchase for me. And I’ve had so many blog things I’ve been wanting to blog about, but it’s so hard to describe things when I need a darn photo for it. So I’ve been waiting and waiting on the camera (which still hasn’t arrived) to bog all of my blogetty things.

You might have read the post about my other camera, the one that was dropped a few times, and I’ve been without one for quite some time. I’m having serious withdraws from taking pictures of the two kiddos. I swear they’ve both grown three inches and I’ve missed some serious picture cataloging.

So my new camera is finally set to arrive on Thursday. Fingers crossed. My husband ordered it two weeks ago, but of course he chooses a camera that’s been on the market for a whole month-and-a-half at that time, so no one but Best Buy has it in stock. And because we don’t want to pay tax, because we already pay enough tax to Uncle Sam, we’ve been waiting. Finally B&H had it in stock, so it’s set to arrive on Thursday. Yippee!

This is my new baby here.

What? Where’d that photo come from?! No, that’s not it. It’s nice though, huh?

Some people pay five thousand dollars for their camera, but we’re not one of them. Nope.

This is our beauty down below. It’s new. It’s shiny. And it’s never going to be dropped a day in it’s life. Very long life.

Did you know they sell lenses that cost more than the camera itself? I didn’t realize this. The term Macro never entered my vocabulary until a few weeks ago and now I’ve been bitten by the bug. That lens is going on my wish list and I have a weird feeling it might be that list for a long time. Since it will probably take that long before I can purchase it. But that’s ok because I’m going to be very happy with my new camera anyway.

On Friday I’m having a bunch of girls over to scrapbook and I plan on taking lots of pictures. I might should warn them. Nah.

And on Saturday I’m packing up myself and my kiddos for a trip to my uncle and aunt’s place by the lake in the middle of nowhere, where I will take lots more pictures. Every year they host a chili cookoff and have a lot of people in surrounding counties participate. I’m really not much into eating chili in the middle of May, but that’s the crazy stuff we do here in Texas, so I’ll go with the flow. And take lots of pictures.

So while I may not have blogged much over the last week or so, please excuse me over the course of next week when I have an excessive amount of photos to blog about.

Until then.