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Stitch Removal CelebrationĀ Postponed

Today was my first post-operative appointment after receiving my left Cochlear Implant on Monday, a week ago, and to my dismay it was really only a formal check-up. I guess I just figured that if I had to sit in the doc’s office for a couple hours, that it would be for a purpose. Ha!

I’m kidding (a little). After sitting in the waiting room a short millennium (I think they must teach doctors to make patients wait in med-school), I was ushered into the exam room. Now I do have to say that I’ve been in many offices where I’m made to wait in the lobby, and then again (for the same length of time) in the exam room. I’m at least fortunate my doc will enter the room within about five minutes of me being seated.

I think he asked me how I was doing, but it was really so short I hardly remember. He leaned my chair back to get an eye-level view of my ear, and I pulled my hair (what’s left of it) to the right so that he could clearly see how beautifully it’s healed. I mean seriously, I’m not even disgusted anymore by it and when my husband looked at it this morning, he said several of the stitches were even loose. Imagine that!

But my doc pushed with his pointer finger on the side of my head, took a long look (ok maybe a short look) and said that it was simply not ready for the stitches to come out. In fact, he said he didn’t know if they could come out in two weeks. Better make it three weeks just to be sure.

WHAT?!? I was certain that my very serious look behind my ear this morning in the mirror was enough to confirm that they are definitely ready to come out. And my husband totally backed me…

My next appointment is a full three weeks away, set on October 14th. My mom and I were talking today (she met me at the office to watch the kiddos), and since absolutely nothing happened today, I’m a little paranoid that I won’t have my processor activated on the 14th. In most cases the processor is activated at six weeks post-op and October 14th will certainly not be six weeks. I’m just hoping that the appointment isn’t just for stitch removal. That would kinda suck. Ok, that would REALLY suck.

So in the next few days I plan on getting info about my next appointment. I’ll fill you in as I get details.